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I was born in South Africa where I developed a love of nature and animals. We always had dogs while I was growing up but my passion for animals extended to more exotic species and I ended up keeping fish, hamsters, birds, snakes and frogs. I wanted to become a vet as early as six years of age, there was never another career choice as far as I was concerned. I spent many of my school holidays and weekends helping at my local vets until I went to University to study for my veterinary degree. I spent the next year and a half in the army where I treated both dogs and horses. It was at this time that I made the decision to leave for the UK where the standard of pet welfare is the highest in the world and where pets are truly part of the family.

I opened the first Zasman Vet practice in 1996 and am still running the group today. I am living the dream, I Iook forward to coming to work every day and the challenge of helping another pet. I believe I have instilled this same love and passion for pets welfare in all the staff at Zasman Vet, which is why our clients nominated us for Petplan Practice of the year for the last 5 years. As a team we also actively participate in the local community and enjoy working closely with our local schools and charities.

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Over 11 000 clients trust us to look after their pets health, please join them and bring your pets to us where they will be treated as one of the family.


vet tottenham


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