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Visiting your ZasmanVet practice

Update: 27/03/20 - Our surgeries are open for essential and emergency care only, please contact your local ZasmanVet practice if your pet is unwell and our team will be able to assess your pet and either book an appointment at the surgery or offer a phone consultation.
Saturday 28th March our Crouch End, Hampstead & Islington surgeries will be open 9am - 5pm
From Monday 30th - our opening hours will change to 9am - 6pm Mon-Fri
Currently the following is being considered as routine and therefore not essential: Annual vaccinations (If you contact the surgery we will be able to use the vaccine manufacturers guidelines to give you a maximum due date), Elective surgeries and routine dentals, nail clips, nurse appointments and weight checks. If you are unsure whether your pets treatment is essential then please contact the surgery and our team will be able to advise you.

If you have an appointment or need to visit the practice, we would be grateful if you could support us in the following ways:

We ask that only one person accompanies your pet to the practice.

Each surgery has a maximum number of people allowed in reception at any time. Please observe all signs on the front door, you may need to wait outside until other clients have left. Some of our smaller practices may ask you to stay outside while we examine your pet, this is to ensure we are abiding by social distancing rules.

Repeat prescriptions/Food/Flea&Worm treatment - Please phone/email to request. We will contact you for payment once it is ready and arrange a collection time. Some of our smaller practices may ask you to phone when you are outside the practice so that we can bring it to the door for you, this is to ensure we are abiding by social distancing rules.

We are no longer handling cash payments.

If you are self-isolating or displaying any Coronavirus symptoms and your pet becomes ill - please ask a non-affected family member or friend to bring your pet to see us. If there is nobody to help you, please phone the practice and our team will either try to arrange to collect your pet (depending on staff availability), or book a telephone consultation for you.

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Can Covid-19 be transmitted to and among pets?

According to The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the current spread of Covid-19 is a result of human to human transmission. To date, there is no evidence that companion animals can spread the disease. Therefore, there is no justification in taking measures against companion animals which may compromise their welfare.

Advice for pet owners diagnosed with Covid-19

If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 or are showing symptoms please follow the advice below;

Inform your local health protection team that there is a pet in the household. They will liaise with the relevant animal health authorities.

Restrict contact with pets as a precautionary animal health measure until more information is known about the virus.

If your pet requires care, wash your hands before and after any interaction with them and wear a face mask if possible.

If your pet shows clinical signs, please do not take it to the vet. Contact your local health protection team for advice.

Tips for keeping your pets and family safe

If you haven't tested positive or been asked to self-isolate then continue to interact with your pets as normal but adopt good hygiene practices including washing hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after touching them, their food, toys and bedding.
Avoid being kissed or licked and sharing food with your pet and ensure you have extra supplies of pet food and medication in case of self-isolation.

How to meet your pet's needs if you have to self isolate

The good news is that there are lots of ways to ensure your pets well cared for even if you are stuck at home, so don't panic.
If possible, arrange for another person to care for your pet.
Always adopt good hygiene practices and thoroughly wash your hands after interacting with your pets.
Cats still need access outdoors or to a clean litter tray and outdoor cats can go in and out as normal.

Tips for keeping dogs happy without walks

If you are self isolating you won't be able to take your dog beyond your house or garden for exercise.  However, there are lots of ways to keep your dog happy and healthy within the confines of your own home.
Mental stimulation is a great way to keep your dog entertained and occupied so you can keep your dog happy by replacing exercise with other activities until you are able to take them back out for their usual walks.
Try challenging your dog at meal time - instead of using your feed bowl, try using a feeding toys to add some variety.
Play, play, play! Most dogs love to play so set aside some time to have a good game of fetch or tug with your dog.
Learning a new trick or command is great mental stimulation for a dog. Get out their favourite treats and try teaching them something new.
Get them sniffing - scent work can be a great way to keep them busy for ages! Hide treats around the garden or around the house and send them off in search of them. 
Remember toilet breaks - remember your dog will still need to go outside to use the toilet so make sure they get regular access to the garden.
If you have any worries about your pet's health during self-isolation give your us a call for advice but don't visit the surgery in person.