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The larvae of the lungworm parasite are carried by slugs and snails. Infection can result when dogs purposefully or accidentally eat these common garden pests when rummaging through undergrowth, eating grass, drinking from puddles or pick them up from their toys. Even contact with the slime can cause an infection, a food bowl or ball that has come into contact with an infected slug or snail could be a potential source of the larvae. Foxes can become infected with lungworm and frogs can also carry the larvae, presenting a risk to dogs.

Lungworm was previously a disease infrequently seen in the UK. However, over the last several years veterinarians are increasingly seeing cases in the London area, probably due to increasing slug and snail numbers and urbanisation of foxes. These factors make Lungworm a year round rather than a seasonal threat. Lungworm can be a fatal disease as it causes severe damage to lungs and bleeding disorders. By the time symptoms are noted, the disease has usually progressed quite far.

Due to the increasing frequency of lungworm cases in London we currently recommend that all dogs receive a spot on product or an easy-to-give chew, once a month for the prevention of Lungworm infection.

Please feel free to contact Zasman Vet to start your dog on a treatment to protect them against this threat.