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These requirements apply until 31st Dec 2020

Travelling within the EU

  • Your pet must be microchipped. This must be done before your pet gets a Rabies vaccination.
  • Your pet must have been vaccinated against Rabies. You must wait 21 days from the date of the vaccination before travelling. The day of vaccination counts as day 0 and not day 1.
  • Your pet must have a pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate.

Whilst travelling abroad your pet may be exposed to many diseases which we do not have in the UK. You may be required to take some additional precautions to prevent your pet from contracting these. We will be happy to discuss your specific travel plans with you and how best to protect your pet.

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Returning to the UK from the EU (dogs only)

  • Make an appointment to see a vet in the country you are travelling from to have your pet treated against tapeworms. This treatment must be administered no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before entry into the UK.
  • This tapeworm treatment will need to be repeated each time you travel

To maintain your passport for future travel, your pet’s Rabies vaccine simply needs to be kept up to date and your pet may accompany you on as many journeys as you would like. It is important not to let your Rabies vaccine lapse so that the process does not have to be repeated.

Requirements for travel from 1st Jan 2021

The UK will become a third country from 1 January 2021. Third countries can apply to the European Commission to be listed. Pet travel requirements will change depending on what category the UK becomes on 1 January 2021.

To make sure your pet is able to travel from the UK to the EU from 1 January 2021, you should contact your ZasmanVet practice at least 4 months before travelling to get the latest advice.

Outcome 1

The UK becomes a Part 1 listed country.

If the UK ends up as a part 1 listed country then the set up with regard to pet passports & rabies vaccinations will remain pretty much as it is at the moment. Very little will change.

Outcome 2

The UK becomes a Part 2 listed country.

If the UK ends up as a part 2 listed country then all the current passport regulations would still apply but animals would also require a Health Certificate to travel. A health certificate would be issued by an official veterinarian at least 21 days post Rabies vaccination and within 10 days of travel. The certificate would be valid for 4 months for travel within the EU.

Outcome 3

In the event that the UK leaves the EU with no deal, the UK then becomes an Unlisted country. Pets Passports will no longer be valid for travel to the EU.

If the UK became an unlisted country then the following requirements for travel would need to be adhered to:

  • You must get your dog, cat or ferret microchipped and then vaccinated against rabies before it can travel.

  • Your pet must have a blood sample taken at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination.

  • The results of the blood test must show that the vaccination was successful.

  • You must wait 3 months from the date the successful blood sample was taken before you travel.

  • You must take your pet to an Official Veterinarian (OV), no more than 10 days before travel to get a health certificate.

This entire process could take 4 months to complete. For those of you travelling on or immediately after the UK leaves the EU, it is advisable that you start the vaccination process as soon as possible, to give your pet the best chance of being ready to travel.

What should you do next

Contact your Zasman Vet practice to work out when and if you need to come in to start the vaccination and blood test process. If you are travelling on or just after the date that the UK is due to leave the EU with your pets and you require rabies vaccinations then your vet will make an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Note that there is comprehensive information on the Defra Website, that outlines a number of scenarios for Brexit deals that the UK might enter into.