zasman vet reviews


We've had some lovely testimonials over the years, a selection of which we'd like to share with you here. Your comments and feedback are always valuable to us and very much appreciated, you can send them to us via our contact form.


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zasman vet reviews

vet n10The staff at Zasman vets treated Sonny boy with their utmost care and attention during a time of poorliness. I had no doubt that he received the best medical treatment from Clare and Rodney, in addition to lots of TLC from the lovely Val. I was updated regularly on Sonny boy’s progress and was even allowed to pop in and spend time with him ‘in hospital’ to aid his recovery, which was much appreciated. I think Sonny and Nelson would both agree that the level of genuine care and attention at Zasman vets has been fantastic.   Louise Faulkes


vet highbury

When our guinea pig Ivy developed three lumps (all different types), the staff at Zasman Crouch End gave her excellent care from examination, through surgery, to follow-up check-ups. The team has good knowledge of small animals--which isn’t the case with all veterinarians! We have trusted Zasman Vet to give medical care to all five of our guineas pigs, and recommend them highly.   Dr. Luke Beattie


vet canonbury

Bertie and Marge are 2 rescue rabbits. We have been to Zasman for all their treatment for the past 5 years. Shortly after getting Marge she developed a nasty infection on her nose which affected her breathing, smell and ability to eat. The vets hadn’t come across such an infection before and needed to establish what is was before treatment, including a skin biopsy and contacting specialists. Throughout the treatment the vets were not only amazing with Marge and incredibly supportive to us. They put everything into making Marge better and the infection cleared and she has been a happy and healthy bunny ever since.  Alison Beach


I’m so happy that Captain received the best treatment and care that I could ever have hoped for. All the staff are not only excellent but very friendly aswell 🙂 Regis Hertrich

reviews of zasman vet

vet highburyClarence has been under the care of Zasman Vets for 7 years, ever since I adopted him from Cats Protection. In that time Zasman Vets have seen him safely through bronchitis, broken teeth,an infected fight wound, diabetes and pancreatitis. He is still going strong and enjoying life! Patricia Sheldon


vet canonburyBob is 19 and has been visiting Zasman’s for 18 years: he’s had a varied selection of ailments in that time. The team are always friendly and courteous and have looked after him really well, most importantly they always explain clearly what’s wrong and how they plan to treat him -and when he has to have occasional overnight stays I know he’ll be well looked after. I’d like to thank everyone for their care which has helped Bob live to a ripe old age! Now if only they could stop him pooping in the hall...  Sue Griffith


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Our cat Dylan recently recovered from what we now know was a lengthy flare up of pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Zasmans patiently investigated & treated his symptoms as they tried to get a full diagnosis. He was hospitalised in the Crouch End branch twice and Rodney very kindly hospitalised him on a Sunday in the Hampstead branch when he took a turn for the worse. Following a major operation and regular medication, he has pulled through and is currently fit, happy and healthy. We cannot thank Zasmans enough for the care and attention Dylan received. So to Rodney, Clare, Val & Shannon, a massive THANK YOU.  Louise Cross


vet muswell hill

The team at Zasman Vets were so incredibly kind and welcoming from the moment we brought in our puppy Olive for her first vaccinations through to the time we needed to get Olive ready for her big move to New York City. Everyone at Zasmans really helped make Olive so comfortable at the Vets, so much so every time she walked passed she pulled to go back in! Olive had a few issues to start with but the team at Zasman were so helpful in providing expert advice throughout. Olive now spends her time in New York City riding yellow cabs and chasing squirrels in Central Park.   Ross Haynes